12 November - 30 November 2013
Tue - Sat @ 7:30pm
Tickets £16/£14






McMAC and Redbear Collective presents the World premiere of

Written by Greg Freeman, Directed by Ken McClymont

Beautifully and intelligently
written it's a dark comedy
that is genuinely funny
The Upcoming

a glorious send up of
the obsession with possession, capitalism and tradition

After the successes of Doig – The Musical,
Beak Street
and No Picnic at the Tabard Theatre we are proud to present
Greg Freeman's latest play Dogstar,
an outlandish comedy,
which delves into mankind’s obsession with ownership

In a hot, dusty, western saloon, a mysterious stranger named only as Dogstar
discovers everything in town has to be paid for …even dying. And like almost every mysterious stranger, who happens to be “just passing through”, he is inextricably drawn into a battle with Clay, the unscrupulous landowner, in a bid to save the town. He is a homespun gunslinger in a greedy town and like a game of poker without cards
passions and stakes just get higher and higher. Can someone really own the whole planet or is Dogstar just a very wily drifter?



Dogstar stars Ben Warwick in the title role and Laura Pradelska perhaps best known as Quaithe in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Laura previously worked with Greg Freeman on Beak Street back in 2010. Rhys King and Jaymes Sygrove also worked with Greg Freeman at the Tabard Theatre in both Doig and No Picnic.

Greg Freeman edited and adapted the only ever successful re-version of an American Sitcom -
Who's The Boss which became The Upper Hand. He has since developed a career in the theatre.  Directed by Ken McClymont, Dogstar will be their fourth production at the Tabard Theatre. Their previous collaborations, No Picnic (teddy bears learning to lie), Beak Street (gangster cats) and Doig (consumerism laid bare) were all Time Out Critics’ Choices. 


Greg Freeman edited and adapted the only ever successful version of an American Sitcom 'Who's The Boss' which became 'The Upper Hand' (ITV). He has since developed a career in the theatre. Writing credits include the Time Out Critics Choice shows of No Picnic... Doig... and Beak Street A (Tabard Theatre), Last Bus to Paradise (Underbelly, co-wrote and winner of the London New Play Festival) Take (Old Red Lion) Kathmandu (Menier Chocolate Factory and Pleasance Edinburgh) and Wake up and smell the coffee (New End Theatre).

'Theatre that from concept to execution is utterly bonkers but quite brilliant'
Timeout Critic's Choice for Greg Freeman's Doig
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'a testament to Freeman's faith in his imagination and ours'
Timeout Critic's Choice for Greg Freeman's Beak Street
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'this masterfully realised black comedy from the mad magician
of theatre is unquestionably a feast'
Timeout Critic's Choice for Greg Freeman's No Picnic
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DogStar is directed by Ken McClymont who directed and designed Greg Freeman's previous shows No Picnic... Doig... and Beak Street. He is also the former Artistic Director of The Old Red Lion Theatre. Whilst there he directed over thirty premieres incl: Waiting for the Angels, Murder In Bridgport, Diaspora Jigs and Life After Life. Revivals include: A Chaste Maid In Cheapside (Old Red Lion) and The Slab Boys (Old Red Lion) which won Best Production of a Comedy Award (LFA). In 1989-90 he won an Outstanding Contribution to Fringe Theatre Award for programming of an exceptional standard at the Old Red Lion.