Good Morning, Alamo!
Thur 17 Jan - Sat 9 Feb 2013
Tue - Sat 7:30pm

Tickets £14/£12


Act One: 65 mins
Interval: 15 mins
Act Two: 60 mins


Alces Productions Ltd

Written and directed by Mark Giesser

'an Inventive and intelligent satire...
Uber-talented cast... Good Morning, Alamo! is complex, but it always works as a whole and as an exemplary piece of new writing'
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'Is Mark Giesser the Joan Littlewood of our times? Certainly...A witty and intelligent script...A production full of heart, soul and plenty of thought'
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Government In Crisis

Immigrants flood across the border. More and more of them want to take over and force the country to accept their way of thinking. The only way to stop them may be to deploy the armyÖ

Modern Britain? Europe? America?

Mexico in 1835. Two English expats find themselves on opposite sides of a revolution.

Genteel painter Charlotte Vernon, mistress of an officer in the Mexican army, determines to prove her worth by chronicling the campaign to suppress Texan rebels. Shoemaker Harry Birchfield joins the rebellion in a bid to get rich. Their ambitions collide as the rebels make a suicide stand at the Alamo. But when it comes to immigrants and martyrdom, things donít always go according to plan, and the winner doesnít always settle the history.

In this world premiere by veteran New York and London playwright/director Mark Giesser, drama and satire join forces to explore what John Wayne and Disney didnít tell us about Americaís Dunkirk. What are the instructions for a proper revolution? What does Border Control want in a proper immigrant bovine? And whatís the proper way to rehearse the death of a legend?



Tabard Theatre
2 Bath Road
W4 1LW
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